Wednesday, August 27, 2014

REVIEWS OF ART: Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman (click to read)

Perfect humility and acceptance...    A very powerful love story
Laurie’s voice is richly metaphorical and philosophical
 Witty, wise, and deeply compassionate...


Published in 1979, Straight Life was the story of Art Pepper. He was a deeply troubled, madly gifted artist, an addict. Art told me his story, I wrote it down, and I fell in love with and married that complex and inspiring man. Straight Life, according to enthusiastic reviews in The New Yorker, Time, The Village Voice, etc. became (and remains) a classic.

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In Straight Life Art cast himself as a lost, desperate genius and me, at the end, as his angel of rescue. During our marriage we worked successfully together to enact that story. But I was no angel, and we rescued each other. ART is a memoir of that marriage. This is a paperback book, 382 pages, 100 photos, and with a complete index

The SOUNDTRACK to ART Ten key Art Pepper tracks I talk about in the book. 
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